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Arabic Object Pronouns:

Object pronouns in Arabic are me, you, him, her, us, you (plural) and come after a verb; In Arabic they’re as follows:


Arabic Object Pronouns




Me: verb+ni  ني


You (masculine): verb+k   


You (feminine): verb+ki    كِ


Him: verb+h  ه ،  ـه


Her: verb+ha  ها


You (dual male or female): verb+kumaa  كُما


Them (dual male or female): verb+humaa هُما


We: verb+naa  نا


You (plural masculine): verb+kum   كُم


You (plural feminine): verb+kun  كُن


Them (plural masculine): verb+hum  هُم


Them (plural feminine): verb+hun هُن



So to say in Arabic “you show me”, after conjugating the verb and adding the “you” to it, you need to add the object pronoun “me” to it as well, note that “you show me” in Arabic is written like “youshowme” meaning that the subject pronoun + the verb + the object pronoun are all connected, “you” as a prefix and “me” as a suffix of the verb “show”, so it would be (you show me = turini تُريني ) (you show us = turina ترينا )  (you show him = turih تريه ). Try to memorize these Arabic Pronouns, as they’re very important.

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