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Arabic Pronoun

In Arabic you have to use the possessive pronouns above as a suffix, meaning that they should be ending the word (noun), here are some examples:

Book = Kitab   كتاب    

My book = Kitabi                كتابي  

Your book = kitabuk كتابك 

Your book (singular female) = Kitabuki كتابك 

His book = Kitabuh   كتابه   

Her book = Kitabuha كتابها   

Your book (dual male or female) = Kitabukumaa كتابكما 

Their book (dual male or female) = Kitabuhumaa كتابهما 

Our book = Kitabuna كتابنا

Your book (plural masculine) = Kitabukum كتابكم

Your book (plural feminine) = Kitabukun كتابكن

Their book (plural masculine) = Kitabuhum كتابهم

Their book (plural feminine) = kitabuhun كتابهن 


So itís very easy to use the possessive pronoun in Arabic, you just need to add the suffixes on the table above to the word, and thatís it.


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