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Arabic Prepositional Pronouns: (to me, for you, about her …any pronoun with a preposition preceding it)


It’s easy to use the prepositional pronouns in Arabic; you just add the suffix below to the preposition, which looks exactly like the ones we learn before in the possessive object, above:


Arabic Prepositional Pronouns




Me: preposition+i  ي


You (masculine): preposition+k   كََ


You (feminine): preposition+ki    كِ


Him: preposition+h  ه ،  ـه


Her: preposition+ha  ها


You (dual male or female): preposition+kumaa  كُما


Them (dual male or female): preposition+humaa هُما


We: preposition+naa  نا


You (plural masculine): preposition+kum   كُم


You (plural feminine): preposition+kun  كُن


Them (plural masculine): preposition+hum  هُم


Them (plural feminine): preposition+hun هُن



So to say “come to me” we would add the prepositional pronoun “me = i” to the Arabic preposition “to = ila”, so “come to me = taala ilai = تعال إلي

Said to me = qaal li قال لي   .


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