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Arabic Independent Possessive Pronouns:

In Arabic the independent possessive pronoun is used to express “mine, yours, hers….”

Example: the book is mine: al kitab li الكتاب لي, the drink is ours: al mashroob lana المشروب لنا . The table below shows the independent possessive pronouns:


Arabic Independent Possessive Pronouns




Mine   li  لي


yours (sing masculine) lak  لك


yours (singular feminine) laki  لك


his  lah   له


hers  laha لها


yours (dual male or female) lakumaa  لكما


theirs (dual male or female) lahumaa   لهما


Ours  lana لنا


yours (plural masculine) lakum لكم


yours (plural feminine) lakun لكن


theirs (plural masculine) lahum لهم


theirs (plural feminine) lahun لهن



You can also use the word “milk” to form independent possessive, the word milk ملك means “property of” …, the book is mine (my property) = al kitaabu milki الكتاب ملكي, but I would suggest to use the pronouns on the table above which is easier and more used.

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