Hajj and Umrah Accommodations

There are different types of accommodations in Makkah and Madinah, from luxurious four star hotels to apartments and rooms to hire and share. The licensed travel agency usually organizes accommodation for visitors.

Accommodation in Mina and Arafat will be tents set up by the Tawafa Establishments. The costs for this tents are included in the checks sent with the application form for Hajj visa.


Mount Arafat which stands about 70 meters high, is a granite hill to the east of the Holy City of Makkah.

It was on Mount Arafat that Adam and Eve, separated for 200 years following their expulsion from the Garden of Eden, recognized each other and were reunited. Here too they were forgiven by Allah, the Merciful, for their transgression. And here, in present times, the pilgrim performing Hajj must spend an afternoon in a state of Ihram.


Mina, which lies between the Holy City of Makkah and Muzdalifah, is now known as tent city.

Here are the white pillars representing the devil at which the pilgrims cast the pebbles they gathered at Muzdalifah.


Umrah is one of the important rituals in Islam and has been performed from its inception. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family and companions) said: "Accumulated sins are expiated with each Umrah".



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