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Acock Engineering & Assoc., Inc. - Texas based company supplying petroleum property management services from well design to reservoir management.

APEX Technological Field Services Ltd. - APEX Tech services include; expertise in sampling oil and gas wells and production facilities, handling and concentration determination of H2S, on-site dewpoint analysis, environmental work on sumps and flare pits.

Associated Resources, Inc. - Associated Resources based in Tulsa, Oklahoma provides Oil and Gas property, engineering, accounting and administration services.

Channoil Consulting Ltd. - Consultants to the Oil Industry - Provides services to the oil industry including crude oil valuation and marketing, refining, transportation, supply and trading, and marketing.

Contract Log Analysis Ltd - Wireline logging program design, supervision and quality control. Analysis of log data and reporting of results.

Douglass Properties, Inc. - Buying oil, gas, and mineral rights, royalties, and interest, both producing and non-producing in Oklahoma and Texas.

Field Development Consultants - Oil Field Development Consultants provides geology, geophysics, reservoir engineering, production engineering, and drilling engineering consulting services.

Fire Creek Resources Ltd. - Well supervision, drilling, completions, engineering consulting services. Project Management. Underbalanced drillling. AFE Preparation. Project Management

Formation water interpretation for the petroleum industry. - Opus Petroleum Engineering Ltd provides formation water interpretation and training for the petroleum industry. Writers and publishers of the "Opus Handbook - Formation Waters of Western Canada"

G. Gordon Stewart, P.Eng. gas and oil process engineering consultant - Chemical Engineer with 32 years international experience designing and building gas and oil process equipment. Process design,evaluation,commissioning, trouble-shooting,de-bottlenecking and training.

Gas & Oil Expert Services Agency - Engineering services for the oil and gas industries.

Gidatec Home Page - Cuttings Reinjection, Scale, Wax, Hydrate & Asphaltene Control, Wellbore Cleanup - Gidatec provides support and advice to clients through all stages of well engineering, from drilling-in to remedial stimulation.

Goldtec - Offers advisory services for international companies wishing to supply equipment and materials to oil and gas companies in Brazil.

Henderson Petrophysics - Consulting Formation Evaluation - Henderson Petrophysics services include wireline log analysis,field studies, wellsite geology,reserves calculation,contract negotiations,database development.Expert analysis of difficult reservoirs.Source rock analysis from logs.

Hunter 3-D Inc. Geophysical Consulting - We provide 3-D seismic, 3-D gravity gradiometry, and AVO interpretation services. We generate oil and gas prospects for our clients.

Jardine & Associates Ltd - Asset & Risk Management Solutions. Engineering consultants and developers of chemical, oil, gas, power, and transportation reliability availability and maintenance (RAM) software.

The Kemp Group - Sales and marketing consulting for the oil service industry.

Kirk Petrophysics Core Handling and Preservation Services - Wellsite core handling and preservation services. LITHOTARGE foam injection for stabilising of soft/friable core

Meranti Consulting Petrophysics - Petrophysics data management, Field studies, Operations planning & support, Open/Cased/Horizontal hole, Exploration support, Training.

The Modern Log Analysis Company Pty Ltd - Integrated petrophysical, geological and reservoir engineering consulting and contracting services to the petroleum industry.

Mountain Field Services, Inc. - Specializes in Right of Way services, representing telecommunications, pipeline, and oil and gas companies, as well as cellular/PCS/wireless and other public and private entities.

0nline Consultants provide a direct link to 100's of independent oil industry consultants - Provides direct contact between consultants and client company recruiters. Annual fee for online database of independent consultants.

Noble Denton Europe Ltd. - Noble Denton provides consulting engineering, marine survey and meteorology services to the offshore, marine and insurance industries.

Nor-Chief Consulting Services Ltd. - Provides supervision personnel for oil and gas projects: drilling, completion, workover, pipeline & construction.

Oil and Gas Evaluations and Consulting - Log digitizing/editing, Petrophysics, Wellsite QC, Pore pressure analysis, Completion/production analysis. - Petroleum and geological consulting firm serving the oil and gas industry with royalty mananagement software as well as links to independent producers and operators and royalty purchasing companies.

Petroleum Development Consultants Ltd - Independent professional international consulting company covering strategy, development planning, evaluations, market analysis, negotiations and expert witness.

Petroleum Economics Limited International Gas - Economic analysis and consulting services for the global gas industry.

Petroleum Financial, Inc. - Outsourcing & consulting firm specializing in oil & gas accounting, land and engineering services, including JIB and revenue processing.

Petroleum Geo-Services - Petroleum Geo_Services is and oilfield service company whose primary business is acquiring, processing, managing and marketing seismic data.

Petroleum Place: Oil and Gas Consultants Directory - Directory of petroleum industry consultants.

Petroleum Revenue Services - Providing oil & gas contract compliance through joint-venture audits and reviews.

Petrophysics Pty Ltd - Formation evaluation consultancy providing wireline log analysis, integrated petrophysics studies,training courses.

Petrostar - Romanian company providing research, design, consultancy, engineering for the oil and gas production industry.

PetroTech Intel, LLC - PTI provides services to evaluate and characterize crude oil. Products include crude assays, newsletters highlighting crude quality changes and an extensive database on crude fields.

Professional Integrated Logistics Services - Pro Log Services provides integrated logistics and outsourcing services for oil field projects near Bombay, India.

Purvin & Gertz Inc. - Purvin & Gertz, Inc. is an international energy industry consulting firm assisting the industry in planning & implementation, market analysis, operational management, third party services, and training & seminars.

Quality Services Ltd - Consultancy servicing the offshore geophysical industry. Functions include survey design and administration, client representation, seismic and navigation QC and data processing.

Reservoir Management Limited - Asset management, integrated reservoir studies, and geology, geophysics, petrophysics, and reservoir engineering.

The Rock Physics Reservoir Characterization Company - Map subsurface reservoir properties and assess uncertainties from seismic, well log, and core data based on careful rock physics and statistical analyses.

Sabine Consultants Ltd. - Oil and gas industry consultants specialising in live well work and workovers with specialists in snubbing, hydraulic and conventional workover, coiled tubing, slickline, and electric line (cased hole).

Spears and Associates - SAI provides research-based consulting to the petroleum industry worldwide, specializing in equipment and services.

Stancil & Co. - Provides advice on mergers and acquisitions, project development and management, management of existing assets, as well as technical and economic analysis.

Taiga Resources - Oil and gas economic and financial business risk analysis and control. Related services include energy and utility IT solutions and people workshops.

TechLink Group - Technical and econonomic analysis of Geoscience technology trends. Implementing new technology.

Zenith Petroleum Management Ltd - Oil and gas portfolio management services, development planning, and property acquisitions and disposal.


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